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About Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an absolute must-see in the world of live casino games. Since its debut, Crazy Time has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts. It flawlessly combines the exhilaration of a game show with the thrill of an online slot, featuring a wheel of fortune reminiscent of the iconic Wheel of Fortune.

In this electrifying game, players place their bets on one of the 54 sectors of the towering vertical wheel skillfully spun by the dealer. The objective? To accurately predict the sector where the wheel will ultimately come to rest.

Crazy Time offers a fixed number of rounds, allowing players to collect their winnings or continue their wagers. To begin the game, you must place your bets on one or more wheel sectors. Some game versions even offer a convenient feature that allows you to repeat your previous bets in subsequent rounds, adding a touch of speed and reducing the effort required to participate in each round actively.